Aerial drone photography
Aerial drone cinematography (up to 8K resolution)
Aerial helicopter photography / videography
Tourism campaigns
Marketing and website images
Social media campaigns
Motorsports & events
Ground photography / videography
Photo & video editing

Corporate video
Real Estate & land development packages
Aerial photos, interior & POI marketing photos
Aerial site & asset inspection
Thermal imaging
Orthomosaic site mapping
Long term site progression imagery & mapping

CASA / council permit advice & application preparation
Drone purchasing advice
Drone use & aerial photography training
RePL, ReOC, AROC exam advice & preparation


Equipment commonly used:
DJI Inspire 3 with 24mm & 50mm lens (8K ProRes, dual operator available)
DJI M30T (Thermal & digital camera, inspections, all weather)
RTK Base station
DJI Mavic 3 (5.1K)
DJI Air2s (5.1K)
DJI Avata (4K FPV + GoPro mountable)
DJI Mini3Pro (4K micro drone for restricted airspace & interior)
Sony a7c & several lenses (full frame professional camera)
and more by request
Rates from $250 per hour to $1000 per day*
Packages available


*rates are calculated on a job-by-job basis
discounts for multiple days & multiple site visits

Packages available:
~ photos/video + editing
~ CASA/council permits + photos/video + editing
and more
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